Acclaim for The Kinship Chronicles®



“If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, you’ll love The Kinship Chronicles”


“Magical, dangerous and romantic, an absolute triumph for Cassie Kennedy.”


“I was completely hooked with the book from the start. I absolutely loved the character development and got completely lost in the story!”


“This is a magical book that grips you from the start. It’s a lovely piece of escapism that touches your heart. I can see this book becoming a very big hit with readers of all ages.”


Amber Lockwood is lost and confused.  How can she not be?  Her Mum won’t tell her anything.  Her Dad, well, she’s never met him.  Now at 18 years old, how can Amber decide about her future when she has no idea who she is or where she belongs?

Then Amber meets Aiden, her twin brother, whom she never knew existed… until now. 

The Feathered Roots is the captivating first novel of The Kinship Chronicles Tri-Book®.  An epic fantasy faerie tale of love, friendship, family and betrayal.

Amber quickly discovers there is more to be unearthed than just her family’s feathered roots… 


Amber thought that when she met Aiden and arrived in Sensio she would find herself.  But it didn’t happen.  Aiden betrayed her, his kin and has now joined The Black Knights.  

Duncan, her Mate, wants her but likes telling her what to do more.  

Rose, Duncan’s younger sister has been badly betrayed by Aiden yet still believes he will do the right thing…

Will Amber be able to save her twin in time, or is he lost forever?

Scatter of Kin is the electrifying second novel of The Kinship Chronicles Tri-Book®.  An extraordinary fantasy faerie tale of the epic battle between good and evil.

What side will you choose?  How far will you go to save your scattered kin?


Amber’s dream of a happy family reunion has come true.  But all is not as it seems. As Amber and Aiden finally meet their father, the King, she is more confused than ever. 

As the delicate veil between good and evil, right and wrong is torn; Amber, Aiden, Duncan and Rose find themselves charged with saving both Sensio and Earth.  

Can they restore the natural balance in time to protect themselves, their kin and their worlds? 

The Binding Veil is the epic conclusion to The Kinship Chronicles®

Who will win?