I absolutely trust myself. 

However, I have had to learn this lesson through experience.

Recently, I found myself in uncomfortable circumstances.  I gave it some time, digested the environment, listened to the warnings and discarded them.  I wanted to give it a chance and never one to give up easily, I keep trying.  When it didn’t work I tried harder and then harder still but no matter what I did it didn’t make a difference and, in hindsight, it wasn’t meant to.

The feeling never went away.  The slow lull at the pit of your stomach that tells you this is not for you and the cosmos with its wry sense of humour, throws you circumstances via curveball until you pay attention and listen.

Even then, I still tried.  Then came the moment when I was struck by a moment of clarity as my instinct and my intuition merged and I knew that the initial feeling I had months before had been absolutely and unequivocally right.

For me, it came down to integrity.  If your soul feels compromised, it manifests itself determinedly cutting through your life until you have no option but to take heed. And I did. 

Looking back, I now understand that the most difficult of circumstances can also be the most invaluable.  Sometimes, you are sent circumstances to learn from and I was always a very good student.  I am grateful for this lesson. 

I absolutely trust myself.

Lisa Young

Now, moving forward, I absolutely trust myself and my gut instincts.  Intuition doesn’t lie.  

So, if I could leave you with one parting wish, I would like it to be this; trust the process whatever it may be and listen to your soul.  It knows more than you do.