I love TED Talks.

I stumbled upon them a year ago when my cousin Claire, the bohemian artist, raved about them at a family wedding.  Curious, I went and found our more and loved what I found.

For those who are unaware, TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event.  A plethora of speakers presenting different ideas.  Since 2005, the talks have been offered online.  By 2012, TED Talks had been viewed one billion times worldwide.

These days, I don’t have time for television marathons.  My inner writing voice demands most of my time and while I love my creative outlet.  Sometimes, I need to the foot of the gas and take five minutes for myself.  My friend TED helps me do that. 

There are talks about every single subject under the sun and I watch them all, always learning something I never knew before.  And every once in a while I come across one that resonates so deeply I can’t deny its impact.  It is called The Mystery Box by JJ Abrams. 

I love JJ Abrams.  He would be an honoured guest at my fantasy dinner party along with Maya Angelou, Orson Welles and John F Kennedy.  His enthusiasm for his craft and storytelling is infectious.  As you listen to him you instinctively know that this is a man with an imagination and perception that is limitless and his message is clear.  Accept no barriers and “Go and make your movie.”

As humans, we impose rules and constraints that limit our view.   But if you take a step back you understand that the possibilities are endless and the tools and talent is out there to make the pictures in your head a reality.

Manifestation is the most powerful tool you have.  If the thought exists in your mind it lives a life of infinite possibility. 

So if I could leave you one parting wish, I would like it to be this – make it happen.  Your life is happening right now, don’t miss it.  

Opportunities appear to those who look for them. Go out there and live the life you imagined.  

I am.