You will need:

Cake sponge (circular)

Fruit cocktail tin (large)

Powdered jelly


Open cake sponge and place on Christmas plate.

Open tin and extract juice. 

Place fruit cocktail on top of cake sponge.

Open back up tin if needed.

Ensure all surface of sponge is covered.

Open jelly, mix and place on top of fruit cocktail.

Place in fridge to set. 

3 hours later…

Open fringe and place Christmas flan on tea trolley.

Place tin of whipped cream beside Christmas Flan.

Place 6 Christmas plates on bottom of tea trolley.

Push tea trolley through to dinner table.

Graciously accept praise for baking Christmas Flan.

Pass out plates and offer generous portions.

Laugh as family fight over tin of whipped cream.

Shake your head and offer the true dessert of Christmas cake and cups of tea.

Love your family.

Make them smile. 

Love Nana