Scottish Ancestral Records Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce I have partnered with the Scottish Genealogy Society to produce the inaugral podcast on Scottish Ancestral Records with Ken Nisbet.

Lots of hints and tips on how to research your family tree.

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Crown of Thorns by John T Young

Crown of Thorns set within the gritty history of Newcastle’s underbelly is a story set within the early years of the noughties.  A group of curious and streetwise teenage friend’s hunger for more than their desperate circumstances, an appetite fed by a callous and manipulative businessman.  From seemingly innocent forays into crime, the group find themselves delving into a world from which they may never be able to escape.

Set within this premise, the characters of Crown of Thorns blossom and are layered with just enough tidbits peppered in the initial stages to leave you curious enough for more.  The sense of desperation felt by the group of youngsters flies off the pages along with an unapologetic acceptance of their circumstances.  As the reader you keenly feel the dichotomy of emotion and wishing the characters safe passage through their challenges. 

From the quiet intelligence of group’s teenager leader Johnny Wilson, the restrained violence of businessman Salim Ghutu to the quiet persistence policeman of Frank Gilbert.  Characters become easily immersed within the imagination and you almost wish for an alternative fate to befall them, particularly in the case of the vulnerable Susie Blakemore, whom you want to rescue from the pages.  The city of Newcastle, is also well represented and you can almost feel the grittiness of the wind and rain as it joins the story

Crown of Thorns is not only a well written and gritty story it also highlights the social issues prevalent in 1991 and today; the deprivation of austerity and the vulnerability of children left to survive in the best way they know how.  Reminiscent of the work of writer Shane Meadows, I read this book in one sitting and I await a follow-up from John T Young with interest.  Delve into Crown of Thorns and prepare to be bitten – in the best way.

John T Young will be interviewed on K107FM by Lisa May Young on Tuesday, 27thAugust 2019

Crown of Thorns is available on Kindle and Paperback here 

Lisa May Young joins K107 FM as a Presenter

I’m thrilled and BEYOND EXCITED to share the news I’m joining K107 FM as a Presenter from this Tuesday, 30th July. 

This week’s guests are Retired Counsellor, Astrologer and Artist June Finlayson and Craig Gilbert from Zen Life Fife

Holding the Space with Lisa May Young will broadcast every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm on K107FM and online at

The show will be shared on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Luminary, Spreaker, Spotify and YouTube. 

Thank you to the wonderfully creative, hard working and talented team at K107 for their encouragement and the opportunity. I truly appreciate it.


I absolutely loved writing The Binding Veil.

When I think of the months, I spent writing this book, I remember a feeling of unaltered childlike joy.  As I had become so part of the world, I created in my head it became as real to me as the keys on my laptop. 

When I’m asked about The Kinship Chronicles and the process of writing, I confess I never intended for it to be a book.  I start writing a series of what I thought was short stories  with my only aim to finish one each time I sat down to write.  Then I got curious about these people who inhabited my psyche and wondered what their story was.  Writing furiously as I tried to accurately describe the vivid images born in my head.  

I always say that when I wrote The Feathered Roots I was finding my feet, when I wrote Scatter of Kin I found my way and when it came to The Binding Veil I was loving it. 

The physical manifestation of a book feels like climbing towards the summit of K2, a physical and mental feat fraught with difficulty.  If you’re going to get there you must train hard, do the writing, learn your craft, be determined as the world tries to take your attention away and be more resilient than you have ever been in your life.  When you feel like giving up, you don’t – you grit your teeth and dig in your heels and keep going because you’re in it for the long haul. 

Success is a personal journey, some say it’s to be on the New York Times bestsellers list.  For me, it was the day the book arrived.  Opening the box and holding the book that I had dreamed of and written was a moment and memory that will stay with me forever and a day. 

Celebrating these memories, I now find myself working creatively again with childlike enthusiasm and whenever I am asked about my new story, I clap my hands together like a child.  I’m sure Gestalt in his study of unconscious body language would find this behaviour particularly intriguing. 

So TKC, my first bairn, thank you for all you have given me, and I let you go with love, pride and hope as you fly away and find a home wherever the wind takes you. 



“If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, you’ll love The Kinship Chronicles”


“Magical, dangerous and romantic, an absolute triumph for Cassie Kennedy.”


“I was completely hooked with the book from the start. I absolutely loved the character development and got completely lost in the story!”


“This is a magical book that grips you from the start. It’s a lovely piece of escapism that touches your heart. I can see this book becoming a very big hit with readers of all ages. “


Amber’s dream of a happy family reunion has come true.  But all is not as it seems. As Amber and Aiden finally meet their father, the King, she is more confused than ever. 

As the delicate veil between good and evil, right and wrong is torn; Amber, Aiden, Duncan and Rose find themselves charged with saving both Sensio and Earth.  

Can they restore the natural balance in time to protect themselves, their kin and their worlds? 

The Binding Veil is the epic conclusion to The Kinship Chronicles®

Who will win?