My head has been spinning lately.

As an Author and Freelance Writer, ideas pop into my head constantly, like bubbles forming within frothy, scented bath water.  However, just like scented lavender bubbles they burst just as quickly.  I’ve had these bursts of creativity before and I am grateful for it, however, the decision of what to focus on first can cause conflict. 

Then the thinking moves to questions.  Endless, endless questions.  What should I focus on first?  Should I start this first and then go back to that.  Should I take a break and come back.  No way, I can’t stop writing.  Okay, let’s do some more thinking.

It’s exhausting and it gets you absolutely nowhere.  All you do it take another ride on the same merry go round where the horses don’t move, you’re trapped and not moving forward.  Then I realised I just had to stop.  I had to literally stop thinking and start listening to my heart as I asked myself an important question.

What do you love?  What idea burns a passion in your soul and dances around in your imagination?  What makes you scramble for a pen and paper as you write down a new idea.

It’s the story.  For me, it’s always the story. 

While logic has its place, sometimes, it needs to be parked at the door.  It is only when you listen to your creativity that magic happens.  Quelling your logic isn’t easy.  As it leaves, it will fight to stay, sending you every fear and doubt you have ever felt.  However, the more it fights, the more its grasp lessens and you move towards creativity and you shut the door on fear and doubt.  Then the road ahead becomes clear and all you are left with is the idea you love, letting you jump off the merry go round of procrastination as you join the crowds in the circus around you. 

So, if I could leave you with one parting wish, I would like it to be this; follow your passion and move forward with whatever makes your heart sing.  I have.