I’ve not written for a while.

Okay, I’m telling a fib, I have except it has been writing of the academic kind.   Combining a Psychology Degree with the COSCA Counselling Skills course has been a challenging and intense and I have loved every single moment of it. 

I’ve always had a curiosity about people, their beginnings, nature versus nurture, motivations, dreams, behaviour and actions and while I embrace my spirituality, I also embrace a science that illuminates your perception of self and change. 

The first two modules of COSCA are intense and come with a plethora of emotions, because when you seek answers to why we behave the way we do, you naturally glance inward and take a peek at yourself.  You have to, because if you are going to sit across from a client and form a positive therapeutic relationship you have to be willing to face yourself first. 

Modalities within counselling have a varying approaches and are as individual as each therapist and while I am a student of all, I find Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) intriguing as it focuses on how your beliefs, thoughts and attitudes affect your feelings and consequential behaviour.  

And within this psychology, The Laundry Room can be found.  

We all have this room in our brain, the locked door that holds the icky stuff.  You throw in the memory and the experiences and bolt the door.  Then you open it up again and have a look inside before you shut it again and numb with a distraction.  Then a trauma occurs and you can’t close the door anymore because you have to clean your laundry.  It’s not easy or comfortable. 

It is courageous and empowering. 

Because when you know who you are; what your value system is, your attitudes and respect yourself enough to appreciate they will evolve as you do, you will practice true and authentic self-care.  You will value yourself and your life experience more than you have ever done in your life. 

So, if I could leave with one parting wish, I would like it be this; with the appropriate support, open the door and clean your laundry.  There is nothing to fear from what we have inside.  Trauma can be healed and the space within reveals a cavern of possibilities, ideas, hopes, dreams and life ready to be filled with a new dream. 

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