For the last year I have been walking the same route. 

As with most circumstances in my life it wasn’t intentional.  Still when I wake up on a Saturday or Sunday I feel compelled to walk through the woods, past Dunniker Golf Club to Dunniker Park and back. 

I love to walk. Even now when the frost is painting circles on the footpath I cosy up and still head out with my music.  As I’m moving to pastures new next weekend I took this route today for the very last time and I will miss it. 

I will miss how the sun shimmers through the trees and paints diamonds on the forest floor. 

I will miss the friendly nods from the regular dog walkers I pass. Knowing them but not knowing them.

I will the beagal that barks at me every single time I pass him after being told by his owner “he’s scared of hats. Don’t be offended lass he doesn’t like runners either.” 

I shall miss going into the pro shop at the golf club and buying a latte to drink on the way home.

I shall miss looking up towards the 6th hole and almost seeing my Grandad Andy lining up his golf ball to take a shot. 

I shall miss being stopped by all the golfers who know my Dad and always ask after him. 

I shall miss coming back to the house and my Mum and Dad smiling as they see me.

But as with the end of one life and the beginning of another.  A change of route heralds new opportunities and I’m excited.   

But I will still miss it.